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Update (7:30 PM EST): Added new information about Blood Elf and Troll models. Blood Elf Character Models Delayed It looks like Blood Elves will not be ready for Warlords launch, but Draenei will be. Artcraft - Updated Facial Custom...
Published Jul 30, 2014
The Plague Quarter Heroic Boss Deck Guides Warlords of Draenor Special Event at Gamescom Blizzard published the schedule for Gamescom today, and it has an interesting event listed on Thursday August 14 at 18:00 CEST / 12 PM EDT / 9 AM P...
Published Jul 29, 2014


Bubblepynk aa posted Apr 13, 14

Someone wise once said "There's 10 of us and 9 of them, we got this!" and he was right :)

This encounter was less frustrating than Blackfuse and even though the random one shots here and there were really annoying, we enjoyed every boss and all the special abilities that they brought along.

I don't think I should highlight any role in particular, everyone did a great job at staying alive while executing their particular assignments.

All in all, I am very thankful to everyone involved in the kill for sticking around when most went away till WoD and I am mighty proud of this kill. Well done guys!

Herusama a Grz on the kill lads and lass', and we warlocks are so awesome we can stand some jealous bullying xD
Bubblepynk aa Poor warlocks I bet Heru is happy to see that he is not the only lock bullied ...
Nakkie a Yes... the healthstones proved rather useful ;)

Blackout: fuse blown!

Bubblepynk aa posted Mar 28, 14

Oh my, where to start? Think we have tried every single possible tactic for this boss. In the end, letting mines pass was the one that did the trick for us and brought us the kill after a day and a bit of progress. We had an amazing belt team and a great healer combo who kept everyone out of harm's way. Dps-ers did a great job at switching to the mines and getting them down close to their spawn point while tanks were busy fighting for first place on the meter. 

All in all, this fight made us use everything we knew about raiding so far, be it raid placement, placement of targeted abilities, target switching and so on, making the victory even more rewarding.

Next stop: Paragons!

PS: A promise is a promise. Good job Shread!

Bullshot aa Kill video (just finished, HD should be available soon): ...
Raddar a Big Gz chaps.I wish i was there to kick that sob gobs ass =)
Shread a Good job all ...
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Horde on The Maelstrom? That's a myth at best. :d
All 3 of those realms are low-pop, so it won't affect faction balance much. And in any case, Horde is dead on this realm so it's good if they merge us with more Horde realms.
!!!! Maelstrom getting merged with 2 realms that are dead on alliance side... The rise of the horde... it`s happening :| lets switch factions!
Yay beta access! \o/
Beta is going out today, about time :p Should have been here before summer :/
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