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Three down, six to go!

Bubble aaa posted Jul 29, 17

Our journey into Tomb of Sargeras started with Goroth. Just a bit more difficult compared to heroic, he didn't put up that much of a fight. Harjatan had more movement involved and the addition of the eggs was a welcomed change from heroic. Demonic Inquisition was all about the torment bar and keeping the adds under control which we managed to do quite fine.

Great job everyone! Next stop: Sisters of the Moon!


Bubble aaa posted Jun 4, 17

Like any end tier boss, Gul'dan was a step up in difficulty when it comes to... well, everything: damage requirement, healing needed and raid coordination. It was an encounter that didn't disappoint in the slightest.

Great job everyone!

Next stop: Tomb of Sargeras!

Haikyo a The puns never disapoint
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Tbf that happens every tier. The price of being undergeared.
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