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Bubble aaa posted Jun 4, 17

Like any end tier boss, Gul'dan was a step up in difficulty when it comes to... well, everything: damage requirement, healing needed and raid coordination. It was an encounter that didn't disappoint in the slightest.

Great job everyone!

Next stop: Tomb of Sargeras!

Haikyo a The puns never disapoint

Rings, rings, RINGS!

Bubble aaa posted Jun 4, 17

Elisande was an interesting encounter. Not so many changes from the heroic version of the fight, but it was definitely a step up in difficulty. As every other fight in mythic, everything hurts more and that includes the rings, especially pre-nerf. Other than the rings mechanic, the adds had to die at the right time and the singularity had to placed in the right location.

Next stop: Gul'dan!

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So ehm.... do we have heroic clear today or tomorrow? Wasn't really too clear
U killed him? :d
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