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Published May 25, 2016
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Published May 23, 2016

Dead, dead, finally dead!

Bubble aaa posted Mar 21, 16

After a couple of attempts, he died. Too hard to believe? Ok, ok, maybe there were a few more pulls involved. And ninja pulls and desecrate on the wrong side of the boss and fire relocating like crazy and people dying to fire, or burst, or torments, or mark of the legion, you name it and we probably died to it at one point or another.

In all fairness, I think we made the boss harder for ourselves now and then, but once we adapted the tactic in the best way suited for us, we decided to stick to it until it worked. And in the end, it did. I am not sure how many really thought that when we pulled him that last time it would result in a kill (well except Wobin, but he knows everything). This boss has a way of keeping even the most optimist ones on that fine line between "we can do it!" and "no way!", but we were sure glad to see him going down especially since the entire p3 was executed with 19 people alive.

All in all, this was such an amazing and rewarding kill with so many people helping announcing, giving their input on possible changes, marking things, calling out stuff and overall being awesome! Great job everyone!

Next stop: Legion, whenever it may come!

Silvy wow! Gratz on the kill guys/grills!
Haikyo a Is that skeleton next to Dearist Hashd's?
Shock Gratz!

This boss is so many things and brings up lots of emotions in people! It is boring to get through the part of the encounter that you've already learned to get to the one you are progressing on. It is frustrating when you get a great attempt ruined by unlucky timings and silly mistakes. It is infuriating when just that one time you moved in the wrong direction happens to be the time when you get targeted by that other thing which gets you killed. It is stressful and crazy and wonderful and rewarding and most importantly, dead!

A well deserved kill after a lot of hard work. Amazing job everyone!

Next stop: Archimonde! For the last time we hope.

Lumens Congratz! Archimonde's turn, next reset?
Nakkie Good job guys!
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Alliance won big time in those movie transmog weapons.
Congrats on mythic clear guys, good job!
Have you guys been playing? Haven't been on in a while, gonna do some more dungeons this weekend if ya'll want to tag along
Oh, for the exp tuning I assume? No worries, got lots of classes to try
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