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Dev Interview - Hellfire Citadel the Final Raid of Warlords of Draenor MamyTwink had the opportunity to talk to Cory Stockton (@mumper) recently. We have recapped the more interesting parts below, but watch the full thing for more contex...
Published Jul 2, 2015
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Published Jul 2, 2015
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Published Jul 1, 2015

Enemies down!

Bubble aa posted Jun 7, 15

This was a fun fight to progress on and it didn't take us too long to down them. Not the best encounter to raid lead since it's quite impossible to see everything that is going on all the time, but it was nothing that some good voice communication couldn't fix.

All in all, cleave classes got to shine, the boat team was on point and our lock had the tornados under control which resulted in yet another mythic kill. Good job everyone!

Next stop: Blast Furnace!

Happy 8th birthday Horizons!

Bubble aa posted May 26, 15

Oh my, eight years! So many memories and fun times, so many people who never gave up on Horizons not even in the hardest of times. I am grateful to everyone who contributed at one point or another to our success, but I want to say a special thanks to each and every one of you who are now with us and are making Horizons our home away from home!

Happy birthday Horizons. Grats us!

PS: Gallardo, Arria, Lili, 7 years+ in Horizons. Wow, we're old!

Lerna From Black-Temple in jaedaner to Blackwing in the Maelstorm , I had my best years in WoW , i met some people here that a ...
Lerna i would have come
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