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Published Oct 3, 2015
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Published Oct 2, 2015

Out of sight, out of mind!

Bubble aa posted Fri at 1:20

Today another orc fell dead before us. Kilrogg Deadeye tried to make things a bit more complicated in mythic but in all fairness, any boss who is defeated in under 20 attempts is  barely worthy of the difficulty name.

However, there was a step up from Heroic and raid coordination and target switching was a must in order to down him. The adds are, again, the main priority and the healing can get quite intense at some points. All in all, a nice encounter that brings us closer to the real challenge: Gorefiend!

Another trio down!

Bubble aa posted Tue at 20:39

Blizzard sure likes its council encounters, don't they? This time we did too. Quite an enjoyable fight which has enough of the old Black Temple features to make some of us nostalgic. Unfortunate placement of the debuff zones can make the room feel awfully small as some of our attempts showed, but after a few tries we had more than enough space to move around and Gurtogg and his friends had no chance against us!

Next stop: Kilrogg Deadeye!

Almaric Grats guys, nice to see you geting back on track.
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