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Mistress Sassz'inated!

Bubble aaa posted Mon at 19:56

While it's true that we have assassinated her, it was no easy task. This encounter is a single target fight where the adds must die just in time to dodge the tornadoes, hydra shots have to be properly soaked and the murlocs killed as soon as possible. Apart from that, everyone has to be on their toes for the nasty ability combos in the last phase. After some very annoying low percentage wipes, we finally got our kill. Good job everyone!

Kill video: here

Next stop: Maiden!

A very inhospitable, bleak host

Bubble aaa posted Thu at 1:33

There's not too much to say about The Desolate Host. After the initial nostalgic feeling when remembering Reliquary of Souls in Black Temple, there is not too much to this encounter. The changes from heroic are minimal and other than making the 3rd tank die from boredom, the fight is not too challenging.

Next stop: Mistress Sassz'ine!

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Tbf that happens every tier. The price of being undergeared.
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