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Published May 2, 2015

Thogar ogar!

Bubble aa posted Thu at 0:04

All our training paid off! It was the end of the line for Thogar!

This fight is completely off the rails, but we were on track with our tactic and overall performance and we decided that we weren't on board with the way Thogar ran things.

He tried to railroad us over and over again, but we didn't lose our train of thought and we saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

Next on the priority list is to cover our tracks and continue our journey of conquest on Draenor!

Arria a Brilliantly done, guys, big congratz! full steam ahead! ...
Bubble aa We so funny ...
Bullshot aaa Railed it.

Hands off!

Bubble aa posted Apr 3, 15

After a few nights of progress, it was time for Kromog to meet his Magnaron makers. Enjoyable fight where you need both strong aoe for the hands but also great single target burst for the pillars. Even though it's not the most exciting fight to progress on, who are we to argue with an encounter where you can cheat repair costs? 

Next stop: Operator Thogar!

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