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New Mount Preview - Coming Soon Blizzard posted a preview of an upcoming mount on their social media accounts this morning, with the line "Here, Kitty Kitty...". Patch 6.1 added a few new mount spells, with all of the others than Mount ...
Published Jan 28, 2015
Patch 6.1 PTR - Build 19533 End of Season Preview, No Planned PvP Improvements, Furnace vs Alternative Hearthstone Patch 7628 - Lunar New Year, Undertaker Nerfed, Maraad Card Back Hero Rotation Update, Lunar Festival Skins, Mount, ...
Published Jan 28, 2015

How do you like dem shrooms?

Bubble aa posted Jan 19, 15

This week it was Brackenspore's time to die and downing him felt amazing! 

On paper the fight doesn't seem so complicated: dodge the wave and exploding mushrooms, master the flame throwers, kill the spores, interrupt decay and stay clumped up in the green mushroom during infecting spores. Oh and heal your socks off!

In practice, it was a bit more of a headache, but towards the end of tonight's raid everyone stayed alive and did their job well enough to bring us our third Mythic kill. Well done!

Next stop: Tectus!
Bullshot aaa Kill video: ...
Bullshot aaa Was an awesome kill where we even recovered from a couple of mistakes that had wiped us in previous attempts. Good job a ...

Not much to say about this encounter since the mythic changes even though interesting were not too challenging. It was however, fun progressing through it as the more dangerous combinations of special abilities kept the healers on their toes and everyone else trying to avoid all unnecessary damage.

We are looking forward to our next stop: Brackenspore!
Bullshot aaa Kill video: ...
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Brackenspore kill video: [link]
Dem 6.1 notes. With so many class changes, it's almost guaranteed to drop on Feb 10/11. There's no way they will want this to go live in the middle of Mythic world first progression.
"Tertiary Stats for Avoidance, Speed, and Leach now provide about four times as much benefit per stat point."
Harrison Jones - Level 100 Rare Follower. Item Level 600. Another victory for alliance!
Thanks :sick:
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