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Published Feb 18, 2017

Anomaly detected and removed!

Bubble aaa posted Jan 30, 17

The second boss in Nighthold went down and what a fight this was! Chronomatic Anomaly has very few changes on mythic difficulty but the damage went up considerably which makes it quite the nightmare for healers. Lucky for us, we have some amazing ones!

Even though everything looked a mess for the first hour, we got the kill the same night and it was a very rewarding one! Good job everyone!

Next stop: Trilliax!

Bullshot aaa In time.

A new start!

Bubble aaa posted Jan 28, 17

After cleaning the instance on heroic, we were very excited to start our mythic progress. Not a lot has changed and there isn't a very big stepup from heroic, but the encounter was still fun to go through.

Next stop: Chronomatic Anomaly!

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That HotS mount...
Thank you! <3
Happy birthday, Gallardo! <3
PSA: Apparently items for quest that gets you your 940 lego upgrade can drop from weekly chest so loot your chest after picking up that quest
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