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Update: Added some additional information from an interview Introducing the WoW Token VentureBeat has an interview with Ion Hazzikostas that has some additional details: The tokens are coming in Patch 6.1.2, coming to the PTR soon.You ...
Published Mar 2, 2015
How to Reroll Weapons, Affix Suggestions Thread, PTR 2.2 Streams March 2015 Card Back - Ragnaros, Top Decks of February 2015 Town Hall Heroes #52, Epic Plays of the Week #19 Patch 6.1 - Darkmoon Faire Race The video below goes throu...
Published Mar 2, 2015

He got served!

Bubble aa posted Feb 22, 15

The tight enrage of this encounter required all of us to play our class to its max potential from 100% to 0. Every bit counted, every extra second of movement could make it or break it. Great overall performance from everyone involved!

hotaz a the puns are so strong


Bubble aa posted Feb 22, 15

Wow, that is one chaotic fight. Fun nonetheless, but there is so much movement involved and the final 30 seconds are extremely stressful. Good job everyone!

Xethary a Nakkie and Qui so handsome.
Bullshot aaa Chaotic piece of shit fight.
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Nak, what the fuck is wrong with your life.
Best two minutes of my life: [link]
2 selfies per combat? KAPPA
Hahahaha, selfies are tracked in the combat log: [link]
agree with abblin!
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