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Published Feb 12, 2016

This boss is so many things and brings up lots of emotions in people! It is boring to get through the part of the encounter that you've already learned to get to the one you are progressing on. It is frustrating when you get a great attempt ruined by unlucky timings and silly mistakes. It is infuriating when just that one time you moved in the wrong direction happens to be the time when you get targeted by that other thing which gets you killed. It is stressful and crazy and wonderful and rewarding and most importantly, dead!

A well deserved kill after a lot of hard work. Amazing job everyone!

Next stop: Archimonde! For the last time we hope.

Lumens Congratz! Archimonde's turn, next reset?
Nakkie Good job guys!

Down with the oppressor!

Bubble aaa posted Dec 17, 15

Blizzard ran out of ideas when making this encounter as did I when writting this post. There were very few changes from heroic to mythic and once we got the hang of how to best handle the Edict of Condemnation, it was an easy kill. Good job everyone!

Next stop: Mannoroth!

Kait aa Hey Lili, the camera is over there!!
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