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Published Dec 20, 2014

It's all ogre now!

Bubble aa posted 7 hours ago

Our journey in Highmaul Heroic has come to an end. It has been much fun, the fights had great mechanics and we can just see how much more interesting the encounters will become in Mythic difficulty. Speaking of which: Kargath is next!

After an extended summer break, we rallied our troops for one last siege effort before 6.0 hits and pushed through even when it was looking grim. We got back into shape quite fast and tackled the last encounter Siege challenged us with.

As late as this kill could come it was still ever so satisfying. 

Great job to everyone involved in the kill including the ones who were here in the other nights progressing on him. 

Next stop: Warlords of Draenor!
Elanina a Oh god, I see so many faults from my side. Luckily it isnt a healing intense fight ...
Bullshot aaa Kill video: ...
Nakkie a Great job Now time to smash Highmaul to pieces... well you guys can whilst I heal from a distance ...
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