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Published Apr 1, 2015
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Published Mar 31, 2015

Nostalgic encounter for those of us who experienced it in Burning Crusade even though back then Gruul used to put up more of a fight. The main change for mythic difficulty wasn't that challanging considering that the balls of fire are quite easy to avoid. Great job everyone who made this fight an easy kill for us, bringing our total to five.

Next stop: Kromog!

A disappointing encounter overall, considering how the mythic mechanic is a non-factor and we got the boss down before we even had 10 tries total, but we aren't going to argue with free loot. The only hard parts of the fight were the dps checks on the dogs and the healing on the people who were fixated by the dogs, which both our dps and healers excelled at.

Next up: Gruul the Subjugated, who has been subjugated against his will by the Iron Horde, so we are going to kill him against his will to free him from subjugation. Think of it as the American way of granting freedom.

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Heh power just came.I thought we were in war for a second =)
[link] Raddar and Lorro, are you fine?
anyone wanna play h1z1?
Alt run in an hour. Saddle up!
Those were his hunter playing days =)
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