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Developer Q&A - Ion Hazzikostas, Si'vash, Nether Disruptor Volunteer Guard Day Volunteer Guard Day allows you to help defend your faction's city and take on the appearance of a guard. Approach any guard in your faction's city and /...
Published Apr 28, 2017
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Published Apr 27, 2017

Auguri from Augur!

Bubble aaa posted Thu at 1:12

We expected Star Augur to be harder than it was, especially because of the nerf in the easy spotting of the marks. Turns out that it wasn't such a big deal after all. Of course we wiped because of it now and then, but we got the hang of it quite fast.

The eye in the last phase was an interesting addition but not as dangerous as it was maybe intended. Great job everyone!

Next stop: Elisande!

Tichondrius was a very interesting fight. Even though there are no very big changes done to the encounter, everything does of course hurt more. Correctly soaking Carrion Plague is very important, so is not placing Brand of Argus on top of pillars and making sure that they get broken rather close to each other in time.

Once we got to the last phase, the kill followed quite fast. Good job everyone!

Next stop: Star Augur Etraeus!

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Thank you Bubble ;)
Happy birthday, Everdawn!
only reason*
That dps is on Krosus, only unholy dk is last is because they have to run 20 sec before the other specs
Im last.... yet Im still performing with enough dps to not be bottom :d
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