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Patch 6.2 PTR - Build 20061 Build 20061 was deployed to the PTR realms. New Faction rewards were addedMaster Hunter's Seeking Crystal teleports you to a rare spawn in Tanaan Jungle.Fel Eggs and Ham -"You can eat them here or there. You...
Published May 28, 2015
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Published May 27, 2015

Happy 8th birthday Horizons!

Bubble aa posted Tue at 23:42

Oh my, eight years! So many memories and fun times, so many people who never gave up on Horizons not even in the hardest of times. I am grateful to everyone who contributed at one point or another to our success, but I want to say a special thanks to each and every one of you who are now with us and are making Horizons our home away from home!

Happy birthday Horizons. Grats us!

PS: Gallardo, Arria, Lili, 7 years+ in Horizons. Wow, we're old!

Arria a During my eight years spent in Horizons I killed almost 200 bosses, took part in 5 expansions worth of adventures, playe ...
Bullshot aaa 8 years. Not many guilds can claim to have lasted 8 years. It's been an awesome time and here's to many more fun times! ...

Thogar ogar!

Bubble aa posted Apr 30, 15

All our training paid off! It was the end of the line for Thogar!

This fight is completely off the rails, but we were on track with our tactic and overall performance and we decided that we weren't on board with the way Thogar ran things.

He tried to railroad us over and over again, but we didn't lose our train of thought and we saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

Next on the priority list is to cover our tracks and continue our journey of conquest on Draenor!

Bullshot aaa Kill video: ...
Arria a Brilliantly done, guys, big congratz! full steam ahead! ...
Bubble aa We so funny ...
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