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Published Nov 23, 2015

Fel Lord Za..dead!

Bubble aaa posted Nov 9, 15

Even though we weren't planning initially to go for Fel Lord Zakuun, the raid comp available suited him better, so we ended up giving him a shot. Good thing we did, because in all honesty, he was quite easy. The tactic is pretty straight forward: soak and clear you debuff if you're assigned to it, place the seeds in the correct positions, defend the pillars and the people with latent energy in p3 all while nuking the boss as hard as you can. Oh and if you are a mage, you get to be the hero who puts him/herself in harm's way in order to protect the raid sometimes at the cost of your life.

Next stop: Xhul'horac!

Silvy a Well played!
Vaneity a Mages might have been the heroes saving us from all those nasty waves , but the real hero was Sakuru , he killed the bos ...

An eye for an eye!

Bubble aaa posted Nov 2, 15

Even though Iskar is considered one of the easier bosses in HFC, I can tell you that there is more to him than meets the eye. Yes, sure some abilities you can counter with your eyes closed, but for other you still have to be on your toes. The possibilities with the legendary ring in this fight were quite the eye opener.

The fight in itself is quite easy execution-wise especially if you are not among the people assigned to a specific task. The mythic encounter, just like the lower difficulty one, is still about not standing in fire, fast dps switching and moving out of the raid at the correct time. Unlike heroic though, things can go wrong in the blink of an eye due to poor raid coordination.

In the end, we succeeded in downing him and Iskar's dead body was a sight for sore eyes! Well done everyone!

Next stop: Xhul'horac!

Arria a They who keep their eyes on the prize will be rewarded ...
Hashd a "Eye" see what you did there! ...
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Alright! Mythic Zakuun speed kill! [link]
Just post the link here, it'll auto-convert to the linkable format. \o/
How do you make the ''[link]'' thing? I found a video of a 1min 27sec Mythic Zakuun kill I want to share :(
Artifacts teaser: [link]
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