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Patch 6.2 PTR - Build 19934 Build 19934 will be deployed to the PTR realms soon. It seems you will be able to upgrade the legendary ring to item level 795.Some new garrison missions have been added, and older Patch 6.2 missions have bee...
Published Apr 22, 2015
Update (8:50 PM EDT): The token peaked at almost 45k and the price is now going back down. Update (5:15 PM EDT): The token is now over 44k for EU players. Update (4:15 PM EDT): The token is now over 43k for EU players. Garrison Shipyar...
Published Apr 20, 2015
Blood Shard Exploit Repercussions, Kridershot UE DH, Crusader Fanart Top Decks of the Week, Gfinity Spring Masters II Decklists, Theorycraft Spotlight: Midrange Dragon Rogue Heroes Announcement this Monday Patch 6.2 - Garrison Shipy...
Published Apr 20, 2015

Hands off!

Bubble aa posted Apr 3, 15

After a few nights of progress, it was time for Kromog to meet his Magnaron makers. Enjoyable fight where you need both strong aoe for the hands but also great single target burst for the pillars. Even though it's not the most exciting fight to progress on, who are we to argue with an encounter where you can cheat repair costs? 

Next stop: Operator Thogar!

Nostalgic encounter for those of us who experienced it in Burning Crusade even though back then Gruul used to put up more of a fight. The main change for mythic difficulty wasn't that challanging considering that the balls of fire are quite easy to avoid. Great job everyone who made this fight an easy kill for us, bringing our total to five.

Next stop: Kromog!

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Because Bull clearly doesn;t do enough damage already
Wait what, why is the brewmaster class trinket increasing damage?
Tokens INC!!!
indeed, i just hope the holy paladin tier gets changed. more overhealing, yay
Those class trinkets are insane.
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