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Published Feb 28, 2015
Raid and Dungeon Live Q&A A recap can be found below: Dungeons Heroic dungeons could use some improvement, but the current problems with them aren't all new in Warlords. In previous expansions there would be catch-up content that re...
Published Feb 27, 2015
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Published Feb 27, 2015

He got served!

Bubble aa posted Sun at 22:57

The tight enrage of this encounter required all of us to play our class to its max potential from 100% to 0. Every bit counted, every extra second of movement could make it or break it. Great overall performance from everyone involved!

hotaz a the puns are so strong


Bubble aa posted Sun at 22:50

Wow, that is one chaotic fight. Fun nonetheless, but there is so much movement involved and the final 30 seconds are extremely stressful. Good job everyone!

Xethary a Nakkie and Qui so handsome.
Bullshot aaa Chaotic piece of shit fight.
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that was funnek :sick:
today I learned a hearthstone card has a twitter account: [link]
[link] take with a pinch of salt
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