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Uldir: 88%

Two steps closer!

Bubble aaa posted Feb 11, 18

In order to reach the final three we first had to go through Kin'garoth. The changes from heroic are not extremely significant, but as always all mechanics hurt more and dodging the purple orbs is a must.

The second hurdle was Varimathras. The biggest change to this encounter is the spawning of extra adds which must be kept to a minimum and they have to die as soon as possible. As soon as everyone executes correctly the Necrotic Embrace movement pattern, the boss should be dead!

Next stop: Coven of the Shivarra!

Ravenmourne a Horizons vs Kin'garoth: Horizons vs Varimathras: h...

Six down, five to go!

Bubble aaa posted Jan 24, 18

Well, we wanted a challenge and we got one! While the changes from heroic to mythic aren't extremely complicated to understand, the fight needs everyone to execute the mechanics perfectly in order to get a kill.

The healing on the bridges took a bit of tuning and the debuff management was shaky at times, but we got a kill in the second night of progress so we are happy with it!

Next stop: Kin'garoth!

Ravenmourne a Kill video here! ^_^
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